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Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure – The IET

News posted 19 Jan 2015 by IET in Policy, Regulation and Strategy, Smarter Networks

The UK electricity system has enjoyed high levels of resilience historically, and remains resilient today, but things are changing fast that pose risks to resilience in the short, medium and …

BEAMA launches cross industry campaign – Control Your Home

News posted 12 Jan 2015 by BEAMA in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

BEAMA launched the cross industry campaign ‘Control Your Home’ at PHEX to tackle the 11 million homes paying too much to heat their homes. Government figures released this year show …

BEAMA launches New Connected Homes Group – BEAMA | News

News posted 18 Dec 2014 by BEAMA in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

BEAMA is globally recognised for its representation of the UK industry for intelligent smart metering and has been the primary trade body in developing the specification for the smart meter …

Ofgem Announces £46m of Funding for Eight Innovation Projects to Improve Britain’s Energy Networks

News posted 24 Nov 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Funding, Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

Ofgem has confirmed funding of £46.4 million for eight projects as part of its cutting-edge innovation competitions for the network companies that deliver energy to homes and businesses. Ofgem runs …

LCNI Conference 2014 – Highlight Film in Association with the IET

News posted 18 Nov 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

Coverage and interviews from the LCNI Conference 2014 hosted at the AECC, Aberdeen.

Response to Industry Consultation on ENA DSR Shared Services Framework Concept Paper

News posted 12 Nov 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

The electricity sector is undergoing significant change as a key facilitator in the transition to a low carbon economy. The Distribution and Transmission network companies are having to rethink how …

Capacity to Customers (C2C) October Newsletter

News posted 7 Nov 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

Welcome to our Capacity to Customers (C2C) quarterly newsletter. This issue provides an update on our proposed project extension, and the latest on our managed agreements, network performance studies and …

Smart Grid Project Releases New Data on Consumer Energy Consumption

News posted 27 Oct 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

New data that shows the electricity consumption and generation patterns of more than 12,000 UK customers has been published by the Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR). Domestic and business customers were …

The Smart Electricity Consumer Conference

Event posted 17 Oct 2014 by Smarter UK in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

On Wednesday 5th of November, invited stakeholders from the smart energy market will discuss the smart electricity consumer and future development of household DSR. The workshop will open with presentations …

European Commission Launches Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit

News posted 17 Oct 2014 by Smarter UK in International, Research and Development, Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks, Technology Innovation

The European Commission has launched an online Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit in an effort to facilitate and inform the stakeholder dialogue necessary to implement European grid development projects with the …