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BEAMA’s Position on the Eco Design Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances – BEAMA | News

Publication posted 1 Apr 2015 by BEAMA in Smart Consumers

The preparatory study for smart appliances under Eco Design is being carried out for the European Commission, DG Energy. The study team started effectively in the Autumn of 2014 and …

The Impact of the European Elections 2014 on Energy Policy in the UK and Europe

Event posted 17 Oct 2014 by Smarter UK in International, Policy, Regulation and Strategy, Smarter Networks

The European Elections took place back in May this year. Having had the summer period to let the dust settle, SmartGrid GB will be having a briefing on the implications …

European Commission Launches Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit

News posted 17 Oct 2014 by Smarter UK in International, Research and Development, Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks, Technology Innovation

The European Commission has launched an online Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit in an effort to facilitate and inform the stakeholder dialogue necessary to implement European grid development projects with the …