ENA Smarter Networks Film Series

Posted 15 January 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks, Technology Innovation

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The Smarter Networks Film series is now ready for viewing on ENA’s YouTube channel.

The Smarter Networks film series conveys the value and breadth of innovation currently being undertaken under the Low Carbon Networks Fund, Network Innovation Allowance and Network Innovation Competition. The series captures the diversity of network innovation and those who are dedicated to making these projects possible.


  1. Energy Storage (Electricity Distribution) – 06 mins 22 secs
  2. Demand Response (Electricity Distribution) – 08 mins 10 secs
  3. Engaging Customers in a Low Carbon Future (Electricity Distribution) – 10 mins 08 secs
  4. Engaging Customers in Safety: Intelligent Carbon Monoxide Monitoring (Gas) – 02 mins 41 secs
  5. Connecting Renewables (Electricity Distribution) – 07 mins 45 secs
  6. Maximising Outputs from Renewables: Meterology Research for Wind Power Forecasting (Electricity Transmission) – 04 mins 08 secs
  7. Common Standards (Gas) – 04 mins 23 secs
  8. Asset Integrity: Building Information Modelling (Gas Transmission) – 03 mins 36 secs
  9. Replacement and Repair (Gas) – 11 mins 00 secs