Western Power Distribution – Future Networks Newsletter Spring 2016

Posted 12 May 2016 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

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FlexDGrid, one of WPD’s Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCNF) Tier-2 projects, looks at three main elements in relation to 11kV network fault level (short circuit current): enhanced network modelling, real-time fault level monitoring and fault level mitigation technologies.

Our Energy Control for Household Optimisation (ECHO) project aimed to ascertain the customer willingness to shift their usage of large, high-consuming domestic appliances to off-peak hours and to understand the scale and structure of financial incentives required to encourage this shift.

The Sola Bristol Project was designed to address the technical constraints that network operators have to manage as increasing numbers of Photovoltaic (PV) cells connect to the network. This involved fitting properties with a DC lighting system which was powered directly from storage
batteries within the property, offering customers a reduction in their overall energy costs. This also enabled the energy from the PV panels to be stored until times of peak demand, at an agreed tariff.

ANM deployment update. WPD has recently completed an extensive tendering process to competitively select the technology provider for its future Active Network Management (ANM) equipment. Using the Achilles utilities vendor database, WPD notified over 80 companies from the Smart Grid sector of its intention to tender and invited ten vendors to submit their proposals. Highlighting the varying requirements that different networks have had implementing ANM, three companies have been chosen to supply the products covering our simple, complex and wide area ANM zones. By completing the competitive tender and selecting vendors based on product fit, WPD has ensured it has a resilient supply chain with a range of products with different functionalities and pricing structures to meet all the customer requirements