Trials pave the way to save money and help cut the capital’s carbon footprint

Posted 9 February 2015 by Energy Networks Association in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

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Futuristic blueprints to help cut London’s carbon emissions were published today by UK Power Networks, the company which keeps the city’s lights on.

London was the test bed for a range of cutting-edge trials – the results of which will help millions of people across the UK if the energy industry introduces them widely. For example new-style energy contracts which have been trialled are already set to save customers in London, the East and South East £43million over the next eight years, and the country could reduce the projected domestic electricity demand in 2020 by about 9% if people switch to more efficient household appliances.

After four years’ work, 27 reports revealing results from the Low Carbon London trials are out today. The trials tested new ‘smart grid’ techniques on the electricity networks with thousands of Londoners to support growing uptake of low carbon technologies.