The Rise of EV

Posted 28 October 2016 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

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It has been an exciting, almost pivotal, few years for electric vehicles (EVs) and it’s hard to ignore the claims that we are now reaching the tipping point where EVs become mainstream – from the sheer volume of articles in the press, to the video and TV coverage, and even the sight of them quietly passing by on the roads, the evidence is there for all to see.

In only six years we’ve gone from having a little over 100 EVs on our roads to 81,000 – a phenomenal rate which makes me think of the mobile phone industry and the six years following the launch of the first full colour display phone in 2001: large year-on-year increases in ownership quickly moving them into the mainstream. But do you know what happened after those six years of continual uptake? Another step-change in technology was introduced – the iPhone. And you don’t need me to tell you the impact that had on society and its use of mobile phones – 81% of UK adults now own a smartphone.