SoLa Bristol Project Conclusions – Western Power Innovation

Posted 18 February 2016 by Energy Networks Association in Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks

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SoLa Bristol was a £2.8 million project funded under the Ofgem Low Carbon Network Fund involving twenty six homes, five schools and an office building in Knowle West, an area south of the city of Bristol.

This four year low carbon initiative, addressed the technical constraints that network operators have to manage, as more customers connect photovoltaic cells to the network.

Knowle West, defined as the local council’s SMART City programme were benefitting from the installation of PV panels on the properties owned by the local council.

Mark Dale, Innovation Engineer explains the background, “WPD installed 4.8 KWh battery storage units in properties which were linked to the PV panels.

“These battery units were also connected to the local electricity network which enabled WPD to call on this stored energy at times of peak demand on the electricity network. Customers were paid for this energy at an agreed tariff calculated by the University of Bath.”

All the homes in this project were also fitted with a 24v Direct Current lighting system which was powered directly from the storage batteries.