Smart Grids will Ensure Affordable and Low Carbon Security of Supply

Posted 21 October 2014 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

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The UK’s largest smart grid conference has begun today in Aberdeen setting out the critical innovation and new technologies that will ensure security of supply that is affordable to consumers and low carbon. With almost 800 delegates from 14 different countries and over 75 exhibitors it is the largest smart grid event in the UK.

The Annual Low Carbon Network Innovation Conference has heard today how the developments for a smarter network will help to maximise renewables, enable community energy and deliver value for money from infrastructure.

David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association which organises the conference said:

“The coming decades will shape our energy future for a generation. As consumers we will use energy in more diverse ways, the energy networks will work in a more active way and the sources of generation we rely on will come from a broader mix, increasingly from our own homes and communities.

“The smart grid innovation being showcased here is supporting that and finding new ways to deliver a low carbon energy future that provides a reliable supply that is value for money for consumers.”