Proposals to Reduce the Visual Impact of the Transmission Network

Posted 21 September 2016 by Energy Networks Association in Smarter Networks

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Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, operating under licence as Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc for the transmission of electricity in the north of Scotland, has recently received approval from the energy regulator, Ofgem, for its Visual Impact of Scottish Transmission Assets (VISTA) policy. The policy approval gives Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks the green light to take forward proposals on improving the visual impact of its pre-existing transmission infrastructure within its transmission network in the north of Scotland.

The VISTA project is part of a GB wide programme to minimise the visual impact of pre-existing transmission infrastructure – for example towers, overhead lines and substations – within the boundaries of National Parks and National Scenic Areas. Ofgem has set aside funding of £500m for the three GB Transmission Owners to bid into for their individual projects.