Localised Energy Systems Competition Results

Posted 9 December 2014 by Innovate UK in Funding, Research and Development, Smarter Networks, Technology Innovation

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Innovate UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) invested £11m in a programme of collaborative research and development to stimulate innovation in localised energy systems.

The UK will need a diverse mix of energy sources and systems by 2050, to ensure that supplies remain affordable, resilient and flexible. Local energy systems will play an important part, and technologies are required for generating, harvesting, distributing, storing, and using energy at this scale.

The competition aims to improve the balance of demand and supply by supporting the integration of technologies into energy systems, including those of energy users and producers, at a scale from clusters of buildings up to whole districts. This will enable companies to develop products and systems to address some of the challenges that the built environment, energy, transport and digital sectors face in preparing for a low-carbon future.

Funded projects are intended to start from 1 January 2015.