European Commission Launches Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit

Posted 17 October 2014 by Smarter UK in International, Research and Development, Smart Consumers, Smarter Networks, Technology Innovation

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The European Commission has launched an online Grid Infrastructure Communication Toolkit in an effort to facilitate and inform the stakeholder dialogue necessary to implement European grid development projects with the highest possible level of public acceptance.

Public acceptance is a key factor if the grid infrastructure projects needed to unify the European network are to be successfully implemented. Against this backdrop, the toolkit is intended for use by supra-national, national and local audiences as a tool to help stakeholders identify relevant aspects for communication and to organize stakeholder involvement activities around grid development projects.

The toolkit includes detailed descriptions of various communication and engagement elements, including relevant stakeholders, different planning stages, communication channels and formats, and good practice examples.

It is intended for use by all actors involved in grid development projects, such as TSOs, public authorities, NGOs or citizen action groups who would like to inform themselves about opportunities to engage in the process.