Electricity North West Awarded Funding for NIC Project – CELSIUS

Posted 2 December 2015 by Energy Networks Association in Smart Consumers

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On 30 November 2015, Ofgem announced that ENW have won funding for the latest innovation project, Celsius.

The first solution of its kind in Great Britain, Celsius will deliver a co-ordinated approach to managing the temperature of electrical assets in distribution substations. The £5.5 million project will release additional capacity, reduce long-term costs for customers and avoid early asset replacement.

A simple ‘Thermal Ratings Tool’ will accurately indicate an asset’s internal operating temperature using low cost external retrofit sensors. This knowledge will enable network operators to release the maximum capacity from existing assets without degrading their health and reliability.

Celsius will show when and how to intervene to enhance that capacity by using a range of retrofit cooling techniques. The project will prove that these techniques are acceptable to customers and can be rolled out across Great Britain.