BEAMA welcomes the publication of the independent Each Home Counts Review

Posted 19 January 2017 by BEAMA in Policy, Regulation and Strategy, Smart Consumers

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BEAMA welcomes the publication of the independent ‘Each Home Counts’, review into residential energy efficiency. It sets out a number of measures to provide confidence to consumers and increased business opportunities for the supply chain, including a new ‘single promise’ quality mark. The key objectives to establish an information Hub for consumers, plus the evolution of a data warehouse covering all UK homes, in combination with the higher quality of installation and advice is very much welcomed. The proposed measures will greatly assist the installation of an increased range of energy efficiency measures for consumers, Dr Howard Porter, BEAMA CEO , and Each Homes Counts Implementation Board member, comments that, “the future opportunities for consumers to reduce their energy bills, will be a combination of existing and well established measures, the smart metering roll out, and evolving technologies such as energy storage and electric vehicles. This review provides the framework for the industry to deliver these solutions to a wide range of consumers over the coming years.”