Collaboration Nation: Smart power distribution and demand

Posted 12 December 2014 by Innovate UK in Funding, Research and Development, Technology Innovation

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Energy supply is one of the priority areas for Innovate UK. Innovate UK aims to help UK business to address the ‘trilemma’ of energy security, affordability and sustainability, and to profit from the changes the world will have to make to its energy system.

This directory showcases projects that shared £2m awarded in 2012 for innovative feasibility studies into smart power distribution and demand. The awards were the first phase of a four-year programme that aims to encourage the development of new technologies that will help to integrate future demand and energy supply into a flexible, secure and resilient energy system.

There will be a complex mix of technologies generating, transmitting, distributing, and storing power by 2050, including nuclear power stations, offshore wind farms and solar panels. At the same time, demand for power will rise because of the electrification of heating systems and use of electric vehicles. The challenge for the power industry is to match demand with supply.

All the studies were led by small and medium-sized businesses, operating either alone or in collaboration with partners. Some projects were awarded up to £25k for studies lasting up to four months and others were awarded up to £100k for studies lasting between six and 12 months.