C2C Closedown report – C2C releases extra capacity and delivers economic and carbon benefits

Posted 10 September 2015 by Energy Networks Association in Funding, Smarter Networks

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The three-year Capacity to Customers LCN Fund project is now complete. The main findings can be summarised as follows:

C2C releases extra capacity and delivers economic and carbon benefits
The C2C team worked with academic partners to prove that C2C can unlock capacity for demand and generation and produced an implementation model that can be adopted by other DNOs. This shows that C2C unlocks real benefits for customers such as quicker new network connections at lower cost and cheaper DUoS costs.

Our industrial and commercial customers are willing to sign up to C2C contracts
Customers were offered a monthly payment or a reduced new connection charge in exchange for allowing us to manage their connection in the event of a fault. During the project we signed up 10 existing customers and 10 new connection agreements.

C2C improves our customers’ power quality perception
We surveyed customers on the trial circuits to monitor the effects of C2C technology on power quality. Our findings show that the introduction of C2C did not have an adverse effect on overall customer experience and in many cases improved customer perception of their electricity service. For a full review of the project findings please see our main closedown report. Alternatively please see below for a summary of the project’s key subject areas and associated reports.